LGBT Friendly Places in San Diego

Top LGBT Friendly Places in San Diego
San Diego is a beautiful city with many things to do, but it also has a lot of LGBT-friendly places. There are plenty of spots in San Diego that cater specifically to LGBT folks. From the annual Pride parade and festival, to bars and clubs for queer people by queer people, there’s always something going on near you. Here are just some of the best gay friendly places in San Diego:
1) The Hole in the Wall
The Hole in the Wall is a little dive bar right near the UCSD campus. There’s always cheap drinks and friendly vibes to be found at this fun spot. The Hole in the Wall also hosts karaoke nights and other events, so be sure to check it out.
2) SRO Lounge
SRO Lounge is a popular spot for LGBT folks, but it’s great for everyone. There are always people dancing and having a good time at this hookah bar, which also serves food and drinks. With an outdoor patio to enjoy the weather, SRO Lounge is a wonderful place any day of the week.
3) Cheers
Cheers serves both food and drinks in a uniquely decorated setting. The interior looks like an old cabin, which makes it feel cozy and welcoming. The drinks are pretty cheap, making this a great place to stop for queer folks on a budget.
4) Gossip Grill
Gossip Grill is a new bar on the scene, but it’s already becoming a favorite among queer folk. The music and atmosphere make this place feel like a blast from the past of disco bars. There are also many shows from local musicians at Gossip Grill, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something different in San Diego.
5) The Loft
The Loft is a great spot for LGBT folks to hang out. This cozy coffee shop also serves food and drinks, making it a wonderful place to spend the afternoon with friends. On Fridays there are usually shows from local musicians at The Loft, so check it out if you’re looking for something new in San Diego.
6) The Rail
This dive bar is one of the best queer friendly places in all of San Diego. There are often events at The Rail, making it a great place to meet up with friends or just to have fun by yourself. Be sure to check out this awesome little bar if you’re looking for something different near you.
7) Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill
Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill is a popular bar for LGBT folks and allies. With tons of events and specials each week, this friendly establishment makes for a great time with friends or even new ones. The food and drinks at Urban Mo’s are delicious, so be sure to check it out the next time you’re looking for somewhere queer in San Diego.
8) Flicks
Flicks is a great little bar for meeting new folks and having some drinks. This cozy bar also has pool tables and darts, making it a fun place to hang out even if you aren’t looking to meet anyone else. The crowd at Flicks tends to be more diverse than most of the queer-friendly spots in San Diego, so feel free to bring anyone you’d like.
9) Hillcrest Brewing Company
Hillcrest Brewing Company is a fun, friendly brewery in the heart of Hillcrest. The bartenders there are incredibly nice and attentive, which makes for some excellent service during busy nights. Be sure to check out this awesome place if you’re looking to meet new people while enjoying delicious craft beer!
10) San Diego Eagle
The San Diego Eagle is a gay bar that serves food, drinks, and even shows some live entertainment. The crowd at the Eagle tends to be more diverse than other LGBT-specific bars in Hillcrest, which makes it more welcoming for folks of all identities. The music is always great at this relaxed spot near you, so be sure to check it out the next time you’re in the mood for a fun night out.

LGBT folks and allies in San Diego have a lot of options for places to enjoy themselves, but these ten are by far the most popular. Whether you’re looking for something with great food or just trying to meet new people, there’s no need to look any further than this list.
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