LGBT Friendly City Toronto

A Community of Great People
Toronto is an amazing city and it’s the biggest in Canada. It has a lot of different cultures from all over the world which makes it very diverse. Toronto also has many LGBT friendly cities that have been listed on various sites around the internet.
Toronto was ranked as one of the most gay-friendly cities in North America by American site The Advocate, so there are plenty of options for LGBT people to find themselves a home here!. The people who live here are some of the nicest and most welcoming I’ve ever come across, so don’t let any preconceived notions you might have about Canada stop you from coming out to visit. With that in mind, here is a list of all the LGBT Friendly Cities in Toronto:
1) Church and Wellesley:┬áToronto’s Gay Village
The Church and Wellesley neighbourhood is home to Canada’s largest gay neighbourhood. It has a high population of LGBT people who also work in the area, as well as many bars and clubs that cater to them. It’s located very close to Ryerson University and one block from Jarvis Collegiate Institute, so it’s perfect for students. There are also many shops and restaurants to check out in the area.
The Gay Village is usually pretty busy during the day, but it gets even more populated on nights and weekends. It can get very crowded though, so be aware of that if you want to go there. A lot of people choose to live in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood because of its central location, so it has pretty high rental prices. This is also true for most of the other neighbourhoods on this list.
2) Riverdale: One of Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods
Riverdale has a population of almost 150,000 people and it stretches from Broadview subway station to the Don Valley Parkway. It’s one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods because it is very family friendly and it has a very low rate of violent crime. There are also many conveniently located parks, one of which is the Riverdale Park West that’s right next to Broadview subway station.
Riverdale has plenty of vintage shops and art galleries to check out during your free time, as well as The Brooklyn Tavern for cheap drinks and pub food. It’s also a great place to go fishing, if you want to give it a try. Riverdale is definitely one of the LGBT friendly cities in Toronto because it has an amazing central location and lots of people from all different backgrounds call it home.
3) Cabbagetown: Gorgeous Victorian Houses
Cabbagetown is part of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood in Toronto and it’s one of its oldest parts. It has the massive Riverdale Farm Park where you can go to relax, an outdoor pool (open during summer) and even an indoor ice rink for hockey games during winter. The houses here are very beautiful because they were built in the time of Queen Victoria, so they have Victorian architecture.
Cabbagetown has tons of little flower shops and boutiques that are full of vintage clothes, as well as The Local Pub for sports fans. It is also within walking distance from Toronto’s downtown core, which makes it very convenient to get around. Cabbagetown is a great place for LGBT people because it has lots of Victorian houses and friendly people from all walks of life.
4) Trinity Bellwoods: A Park-Lovers Paradise
Trinity Bellwoods park is located in one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods, called The Annex. It stretches from Queen Street to Dundas Street West and from Bathurst Street to the old railway line.
Trinity Bellwoods is a great place to go with your family or friends because you can have a picnic on one of its many lawns, play some tennis or even try out Nordic walking. There are also two ponds where you can feed the ducks and buy ice cream from the famous Trinity Creamery, as well as a dog park for all the four-legged friends you might have.
Trinity Bellwoods is one of those places where everyone feels welcome, including LGBT people and families with children. It’s pretty close to Toronto’s downtown core as well, so it’s really convenient to get there by public transit or even on foot.
5) Little Italy: Great Restaurants
Little Italy is a very vibrant neighbourhood in Toronto and it’s full of culture and history. It offers many art galleries, as well as amazing restaurants where you can find just about anything your heart desires.
One of these places is the popular Pizzeria Libretto that has some of the best food in the city, no matter what anyone says. There’s also The AGO on Dundas Street West where you can see local artwork for free during Thursday to Sunday evenings, as well as Casa Loma for some Victorian architecture and inspiration on your next novel. Little Italy is also just a few minutes walk from Toronto’s downtown core, so it’s not too far from the action if you want some fun.
6) New Toronto: An Old Harbour In The City
New Toronto is a very beautiful neighbourhood in the south-east of the downtown core and it’s mostly known for its old houses from the early 1900s. Its main street is Front Street that separates New Toronto from The Waterfront and there’s a vast park area next to Lake Ontario called Sunnyside Beach Park .
New Toronto also has some great restaurants near the water, as well as popular retailers like Hudson Bay Company and Walmart out of convenience. The TTC streetcar runs along Fleet Street, as well as the Long Branch GO Train that connects New Toronto and Etobicoke with other places in Ontario.

Toronto is a thriving LGBT community, so it’s no wonder that some of the best cities in Toronto are for people who identify with this group. We’ve mentioned Riverdale, Cabbagetown and Trinity Bellwoods as three great examples where you’ll feel at home among many friends from all walks of life. Two more places are Little Italy and New Toronto, both of which have so much to offer within walking distance from the downtown core. Everyone is welcome in these amazing communities, including LGBT people who are looking for a place where they can feel at home.
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