Best Pride Parades in History

The LGBTQIA+ community has come a long way in terms of the rights they have received. There are still many places around the world where it is illegal to be gay, but even in America there are plenty of states that don’t allow same-sex marriage or adoption by gay couples. There are also many countries with laws against homosexuality and transgenderism. But when you look at countries with big Pride Parades, like Brazil, France, Germany, Spain…etc., you’ll see that these events celebrate not just being who you want to be but being free to love who you want without fear or judgement. That’s what makes these parades so amazing.
The following are some of the most memorable Pride Parades in history:

Brazil, 2013

Brazil’s first ever official Gay Pride paraded through the streets of Sao Paulo on June 9th, 2001. San Paolo is one of many cities to celebrate Gay Pride with an incredible parade that attracts up to 3 million people.

Paris, 2018

Paris celebrated its annual Gay Pride Parade with more bells and whistles than ever before. The theme for the parade was “Our Vote Our Power” in order to encourage everyone who believes that they should be able to marry the person they love regardless of where they come from or how much money they make.

Mexico City Gay Pride Parade, 2018

Mexico City celebrated its first ever Gay Pride Parade with a whopping 2 million participants. It was the largest pride parade of all time and it encouraged all those who attended to dress in white and wave blue and pink flags that symbolize the fight for gay rights.

Berlin, 2015

Germany is known for their liberal views and their Gay Pride Parade is one of the most, if not the most famous in Europe. The parades began all the way back in 1979 and have been going strong ever since then.

Berlin, 2018

This year’s Berlin pride parade focused on diversity and tolerance for everyone regardless of religion or sexuality. It included people from all walks of life and was deemed a success for the thousands that attended.

Madrid, 2018

Spain’s Gay Pride Parade provides an escape from daily life and has attracted up to three million people in one day! There aren’t many parades like this one with such a strong attendance. The ironic thing is that Spain isn’t as open-minded as it once was but the people have still found a way to gather together and celebrate who they are.

Amsterdam, 2016

While Amsterdam doesn’t have the biggest Pride Parade in the world, it is one of the most well-known. It is known for being family friendly which means that there are activities for children as well as adults.

Las Vegas, 2018

The most recent Pride Parade was held in Las Vegas and it is considered the biggest in history. It is also known for having many celebrities participate in the parade which makes it all that more interesting to watch live or on TV.

So those are some of the most iconic pride parades in history. Not only do they attract thousands of people every year, but they also encourage acceptance and celebration. No matter where you come from or who you love; we’re all human beings and we should be able to live free and happy lives without judgement or fear. I hope you loved the blog! Happy reading!