Best LGBT Friendly Places in Paris: City of Love

Paris is the city of love, so it’s no surprise that there are many LGBT friendly places in Paris. This article will cover a few of the best and most well-known destinations for gay visitors in Paris.
Le Tube
Le Tube is a three level gay club that opened in 2003. The venue includes two bars, several dance floors, and an outdoor space- the only one of its kind in Paris! Le Tube’s webpage also states that it hosts various special events during the year including Halloween parties, foam parties, sexy toy shows, fetish nights, and more.
Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge is one of the most iconic buildings in Paris. It’s most known for the show that takes place daily on its stage. While the Moulin Rouge obviously caters to a lot of different audiences, it also has a large gay following. There are actually two drag shows for men at this venue- ‘’Drag de Luxe’’ and ‘’Men Dance Sexis,” which take place every Friday and Saturday night so it can be an entertaining destination for LGBT visitors.
Open Café
Open Café is a popular restaurant and café with an outdoor patio. The venue hosts numerous activities and special events such as drag shows, burlesque performances, stand-up comedy nights, and even lesbian speed dating!. Open Café also has a Facebook page for updates on current events.
Le Marais
The Marais is home to several gay friendly bars, clubs, restaurants, stores and art galleries. It is one of the most LGBT friendly neighborhoods in Paris.
Les mots à la bouche
Les mots à la bouche is a bookstore that caters to the LGBT community. It was created in 2002 and has over 10,000 titles of books, zines, comics, magazines, newspapers and multimedia. It also hosts literary evenings with speakers on various topics including sexuality, parenting, philosophy or contemporary fiction.
La Maison Rose
La Maison Rose is an LGBT friendly bar and restaurant. It can be found in the Marais, just off of the rue des Archives. This popular venue serves traditional French cuisine and has a typical Parisian tea salon atmosphere. La Maison Rose also hosts regular drag shows and cabaret performances each week- making it a great place to experience French culture and LGBT life in Paris.
Taverne Henri IV
The Taverne Henri IV is a popular bar and restaurant in the heart of the Marais- right near Place des Vosges. The food, atmosphere and clientele are what make this venue so appealing to gay visitors and locals alike.
Bar le Jockey
Bar le Jockey is another popular bar in the Marais. This venue has a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and regularly hosts special events for LGBT customers including “Joke Night” on Sundays, karaoke nights every Thursday and Saturday night, as well as quizzes, bingo games and other special evenings.
Paris’ Famous Rainbow Crosswalk
The rainbow crosswalk that many people see when they drive into Paris is a popular destination for tourists. It’s located in the middle of the Place de la Concorde, across from the Jardin des Tuileries. The Rue de Rivoli which runs perpendicular to this square also has several other brightly-colored crosswalks.
Le Refuge Saint Séverin
Le Refuge Saint Séverin is a bar and restaurant located along the Canal Saint Martin. It has outdoor seating for customers to take advantage of, as well as an area inside where visitors can enjoy drinks and snacks with their friends. As its name suggests, it is a popular place for LGBT individuals to gather on weekends, so it is definitely worth checking out!
O’Neill’s Irish Pub
O’Neill’s is an Irish pub located directly across from the Louvre Museum. It has daily drink specials and hosts theme parties including karaoke nights, “Ladies night,” and even a gay night with drag queens. It is named after the Irish-born American swimmer and actor, James Patrick O’Neill.
La Perle
La Perle is a busy bar and restaurant located on rue Vieille du Temple. It has an extensive list of drinks and cocktails and hosts several themed nights including Gay Wednesdays, “After Work Drinks” Fridays, and Lesbos Saturdays.
Whether you’re looking for a new gay bar to visit on your next trip, or want some LGBT friendly restaurants and shops in Paris – this list of the best places should keep you busy as you explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. We hope that our insight into how LGBT people live and play has been helpful.